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Seven Chakra Description



The simplest way of gaining benefit from crystals is to wear them for a period of time.

Crystals can be used to clear a room, create a sacred space and to nurture and protect.

When your body is in balance with your inner self your life becomes a little easier. You breathe a little easier - no more "waiting to exhale".  You know exactly what I mean !

If you are experiencing a particular block or "issue", please feel free to contact us for some direction and/or guidance. We can help.

The practice of Crystal Healing is as old as time.  It is fair to say that as long as we have existed as a species, we have had an affinity with stones and crystals. The use of talismans and amulets dates back to the beginnings of humankind. Many early pieces were organic in origin. Beads carved of mammoth ivory have been excavated from a grave in Sungir, Russia, dating back 60,000 years (Upper Palaeolithic period), as well contemporary beads made from shell and fossil shark's teeth.

Crystals and gemstones have played a part in all religions. They are mentioned throughout the Bible, in the Koran and many other religious texts.

It is interesting to note that there are many examples of gemstones meaning similar things to different cultures, even when there has been absolutely no interaction between these cultures, and no opportunity for crossover. Jade was considered to be a kidney healing stone by the ancient Chinese, and also Aztec and Mayan civilizations, turquoise has been worn to give strength and health all over the world, and jaspers have almost always conferred both strength and calm.

Deliver pure energy into your life with Intention Bracelets.

These are more than just bracelets, they assist you in life while removing negative energy from within your body allowing you to experience the pure essence of life.

You will capture this pure energy as you slip a bracelet onto your wrist. You will be wearing more than just a simple fashion accessory - you will be wearing guidance to redefine your life by healing your inner soul.

If you need a little extra encouragement and confidence throughout the day or are seeking to find something greater, our healing bracelets capture and deliver the energy you need to help turn your dreams into reality.

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I am a Certified Crystal Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Master. 

All of the stones/crystals used in our pieces are mined

from their countries of origin, fair-trade. 

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Our Genuine Gemstone Bracelets come in over 10 different intentions and our 7 Chakra Bracelets keep  our Chakras at their right energy levels causing the wearer to feel more balanced, replacing negative thoughts and assist with an optimistic outlook toward life.

Wearing Your Bracelets

Wearing your bracelet(s) on your Right Side is the masculine side of the body.  More about the outside world and taking actions.  Wear you bracelet(s) on your right side to  release toxins and align the Chakras.

The Left Side is seen as the feminine side or sensitive side, dealing with changes you want to make inside.  While wearing gemstones on you left wrist you can consciously control and modify stresses within from the external environment.  Left side wearing sends healing energies throughout the body.

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Intention Meanings

Here is just a few of the wonderful intentions that gemstones are able to assist us with.  

Please reach out for more indepth meanings or stones that are not mentioned here.

Moonstone:          The Destiny Maker                      Divinity, Balance, Tenderness

Mookite:               The Adventurer                            Beauty, Adventure, Grounding

Tree Agate:          Inner Peace                                   Release Blockages, Calming, Centering

Tiger Eye:             Understanding of Self                 Protection, Mental Clarity,  Dispelling fear and anxiety 

Unakite:                The Nurturer                                 Healing of the heart and mind,  Abundance,  Growth

Lapis Lazuli:         Wisdom Keeper                          Self Expression, Awareness, Wisdom

Rhodochrosite:    Unconditional Love                    Compassion, Courage, Love

Aventurine:           Manifester                                    Good Luck, Optimism,  Opportunity     

Garnet:                  Energizer                                       Seize the Day, Higher Thinking, Prosperity, Pleasure

Lotus Jasper:       Inner Child                                    Tranquility, Balances Yin/Yang, Helps with Grief

Amethyst:             Intuitive Eye                                  Relieves Stress, Trust,  Peacefulness, Happiness 

Emerald:               Successful Love                           Patience, Compassion, Increased Energy Levels

Rose Quartz:        Love Magnet                                 Forgiveness, Happiness, Release Toxic Emotions

Sodalite:               Peace Maker                                 Communication, Harmony, Trust

Bloodstone:          Change Maker                              Self Esteem, Intuition, Brings about needed Change

Tourmaline:          Power & Self Confidence            Protection, Security, Stress Relief


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