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Change of Season - Change of Reason

Fall is a season of transition. We here on the East Coast experience shorter and darker days that can leave you feeling drained and listless. Fall asks us to reflect on where we have been over the past few warm lazy months and where we plan to go over the next to come. How did our work projects go? Did our relationships work or did we have to move on? All of these motions and emotions happened in our homes.

Our home is where we go to recharge, to renew, to rest, and be at peace. This is the season to switch up the crystals in your sanctuary. It's time to clear out things that did not work for us and make way for all the great things to come. This is the time to change up our intentions.

If things went well for you over the last season, cleanse your crystals. Invite all the negative, stagnant energies to leave. If things were a little 'meh', it's definitely time to change it up. Adding a few new crystals to your rooms will lighten your space and allow the energies of a new season to fill us with hope. Here are a few Autumnal crystals you should incorporate in your space.

Tiger’s eye is a stone that brings good fortune and a sense of security to those who work with it. This crystal can also work to stabilize moods and bring peace, helping your mind focus on those things that are truly important.

Moss Agate reminds us of the earth. Of the shifting leaves and the crisp fall air. The stone inspires a sense of hope, as well as trust in the universe.

Hematite is the stone of stability. It also helps you feel more grounded in the earth, and connected to the energies that surround you. It is also a stone that eliminates negative energy and helps you feel more balanced and uplifted. This is another stone that provides energetic protection, which is perfect for this time of year.

Labradorite has a way of opening doors of opportunity and inviting abundance and good fortune into your life.

Red Jasper mirrors the beautiful red hues of the season. Many students are returning to school and red jasper is a grounding stone that promotes focus and helps one retain information.

These are just a few of the crystals that can help with the transitions of seasons. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, and there are many reasons to celebrate and many manners in which to appreciate the fall. Crystal healing is a great way to engage with and amplify this beautiful, transformational energy.

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