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Our Arcane Oils are hand crafted with the purest essential oils and herbs.  We use Jojoba as our carrier because of its moisturizing quality and it has no aroma to interfere with the Oils themselves.  They are blessed and created with the utmost love to insure they do their very best to reach your desired outcome.  We offer the following oils in 1 oz. and .5ml sizes.

Bliss Oil calms, relaxes and is a little euphoric.  It is a quieting and calming oil.  Use after a hard days work or when dealing with difficult people.

Success Oil brings abundance, wealth and success in whatever venture you are pursuing.  The oil brings networking opportunities and new partnerships. Success Oil also helps uncross or draw things to you.

Prosperity Oil is a very powerful means of attracting wealth, prestige, love and health.  Use generously when changes are desired.  This oil works rather quickly.  One of the best oils for awards, wealth and esteem.

Admiration Oil is used not only to attract romantic admiration but to garner the approval of others.  It offers respect, loyalty and fidelity.  If your 'boss' is overlooking you or your partner seems to be more interested in video games or Netflix, than this oil is for you.

Creativity Oil is a beautifully scented oil creating a calm, uplifting feeling that spurs creativity in the arts and business fields.  It creates an atmosphere conducive for focus, inspiration and finding  your muse.

Bewitching Oil binds others to you, causing the wearer to become enticing and beguilling, creating bonds of love and affection.  Another one of those oils I truly enjoy creating and wearing.  It has an alluring scent that has others asking "what are you wearing."

Devine Protection fills our lives with positive influences and energies.  If you feel the need to refresh your state of mind and protect yourself from energy vampires, unkind spirits (either living or deceased) or the typical 'drama queen', then this oil is for you.





Arcane Oils

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