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Our New Beginings Intention Bracelet is designed for growth.

Moonstone : The 'light from within' of moonstone maskes it hard not to fall in love with this stone.  Just like the moon itself, it represents new beginings, positive well being, composure and peacefulness.  The moon gradually grows and fades only to be endlessly reforged in the night sky, so does the moonstone connect us to the process of starting anew.

Carnelian: A potent healing crystal, carnelian heals the body, mind and soul in one swoop.  It infuses the body with life.  It encourages one to let our creative juices go wild, keeping us motivated and confident.  Now is the time to step out of the shadows.  You can take risks in life because Carnelian will always have your back.

Copper: Ease your anxiety, bring yourself courage, sharpness, honor, confidence and fortitude.

Genuine Gemstone Beads. Carnelian are 8mm and Moonstone is 7mm in diameter.

Each bracelet comes with a description card and gift box.

Healing - Well Being - Confidence

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